Canyon of the Couleau

Canyon of the Couleau

Aquatic hike in the Canyon du Couleau 

Just 40 minutes from Briançon, our team will be happy to escort you in the Couleau canyon in Saint Clément sur Durance for a relaxing family outing. 

At the crossroads of the Écrins massif, Oisans and Champsaur, we propose you an easy descent into the Couleau stream. 

This canyoning course in the region of Briançon is accessible to children from 6 years accompanied by their parents or alone with the monitor of Serre Chevalier Sensation. 

Very playful, it is ideal for an unforgettable canyoning trip with family in an exceptional place. 

Children love this canyoning course in Hautes-Alpes because it includes natural slides and what to jump in basins of crystal clear waters with colors mixing green and blue. 

Of course, nothing is mandatory and there is always a way to get around an obstacle. 

This canyoning course is the easiest, it is perfect to discover the canyoning at Serre Chevalier in a fun and friendly way. 


 Useful information 


We will start with a short walk of 5 minutes to get to the start of the descent. 

Once equipped and briefed, we leave together for a 2-hour canyoning activity rich in emotions. 

Once the arrival point reached we will make the small walk that will bring us back to our vehicles. 

Even if the canyoning descent lasts only two hours, the activity is scheduled for half a day. In the morning or afternoon, it’s up to you. 

The pluses of Serre Chevalier Sensation: 

– passionate instructors who listen and adapt to each level 

– the spirit of sharing and conviviality that makes this day unforgettable 

Appointment in front of the Maison du tourisme, wooden cabin at the entrance to the village of “Saint Clément sur Durance” 

Appointment: 13H00 

The equipment for the aquatic hike in the Couleau canyon: 

Your instructor will provide you with all the necessary equipment for your safety and comfort: 

  • a helmet
  • a neoprene suit
  • neoprene socks

This course is very easy, there is no rappel down and no use of ropes, so your instructor will not equip you with a harness. 

Do not forget : 

  • your sports shoes
  • a swimsuit
  • a towel
  • a spare
  • a bottle of water and a small snack once the canyon is over
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