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Rafting from Guibertes to Chantemerle

Rafting at Briançon

For this rafting trip to Briançon go to the valley of Serre Chevalier. It is a beginner rafting course accessible from the age of 6, which makes it ideal for families with young children.

During this rafting descent, no rapids. Only quiet parts, very easy to cross. It is the reference course to learn how to handle a paddle but also to enjoy a raft trip over the Haute Guisane.

A great opportunity to admire the landscape while sharing a pleasant moment with the family.

Although this activity is mainly for children, it will also delight parents.

Rafting level 1 is a fun activity to do absolutely in the Hautes-Alpes.

It is with the rhythm of the water coming from the glacier that you will descend a calm river but especially magnificent.

Useful information

Chez Serre Chevalier Sensation nous vous proposons 1 heure complète d’activité sur le raft. Vous embarquerez pour une descente facile de 8 kilomètres.  Cette activité se déroule sur une demi-journée et il vous faudra compter 3 heures à partir du lieu de rendez-vous jusqu’au retour.  Vous pourrez choisir votre heure de départ entre 9h, 12h ou 15h.  Les petits plus de Serre Chevalier Sensation : 

  • des moniteurs tous passionnés par le rafting et qui s’adaptent au niveau de chacun 
  • une journée inoubliable en famille dans les Hautes-Alpes 

Appointment at the “Sport Rent Shop”

The St Bernard Valley, D1091, 05330 Saint-Chaffrey (Serre Chevalier 1350 – Chantemerle)

Appointment: 9H / 12H / 15H

For this rafting activity in Briançon to take place safely, your instructor will provide you with all the necessary equipment:

  • a helmet
  • a neoprene suit
  • neoprene socks
  • a life jacket

Do not forget :

  • your sports shoes
  • a swimsuit
  • a towel
  • a spare
  • a second pair of socks
  • Bottle of water, a small snack for the small hollow