Canyoning dans les Hautes Alpes

canyoning sous la canicule à serre chevalier

Vous venez passer des vacances par chez nous et vous cherchez des activités ?Le canyoning dans les Hautes Alpes est l’activité qu’il vous faut ! Des canyons famille pour tous Nous pouvons dès 6 ans proposer des randonnées aquatiques, c’est à dire des descentes de canyon mais adaptées aux jeunes enfants sans cordes et sans […]

Les plus beaux canyons de Serre Chevalier en vidéo

groupe au Canyon des Oules

Les plus beaux canyons de Serre Chevalier en vidéo : c’est ici! Si en cours de visite, vous avez envie de vous arrêter pour réserver vous pouvez une descente en canyoning : cliquer : ici Le Canyon du Fournel Dans les plus beaux canyons de Serre Chevalier en vidéo voici le Fournel.Ce canyon est notre […]

Ridge running course

What are ridge runs?It is to cross a mountain by its crest from one end to the other. It’s generally a clever mix of easy climbing, scrambling, small rappels and…incredible frames, sensations of gas as we say in the jargon…this emptiness that surrounds you on each side.But don’t worry: it’s very easy and you are […]

Jordan multi-pitch course

Jebel Rum is the highest peak in this incredible country. It is also one of the doors of the desert and certainly one of the objectives of this stay. If it is possible to get lost in the desert, it is even more likely to get lost in the maze of this massif with a […]

Multi-pitch course in Meteora, Greece

Meteors rhyme with treasure…Imagine a panorama with towers and towers of conglomerates of several hundred meters with at the foot of green forests, dense vegetation of mosses and ferns.And as a bonus…on the top of certain towers: monasteries erected for centuries like luxury nests inhabited by the man of prayer… A site in which I […]

Multi-pitch course in the Dolomites

Tre Cime di Lavaredo, la Marmolada, Cortina d’Ampezzo…the Dolomites is such a vast massif! A playground with countless possibilities. For a stay with Italian accents, pizzas and spritzes, after climbing spigolo and walls at the bend of the old and historic via ferrata dug between the two wars…

Verdon multi-pitch course

The Gorges du Verdon…the nest of vultures and climbers alike. Flying men jumping off cliffs, the river and thermals as music and miles of cliffs in one of the most beautiful limestones in France. Legendary solos performed by Patrick Edlinger, Alain Robert…A true history book since the 8Os that continues to attract climbers from all […]

Calanques multi-pitch course

The Calanques….incredible journeys suspended above the waves. Never have cliffs so close to the water given the impression of being in the high mountains. Its white cliffs near Marseille, these orange walls on the outskirts of Cassis, its magical crossings from one side of a creek to the other…The Calanques “There is probably no other […]

Rafting ot the Guisane : Integral

> Rafting > Rafting ot the Guisane : Integral The course It’s simply the most exciting rafting descent you’ll find at Serre Chevalier. You will embark aboard a raft for a descent of 18 km long on the river of Haute and Basse Guisane in the Hautes-Alpes. Located in the heart of the valley of […]