We offer climbing for all levels: discovery, relaxation, family outings for all, and for the more experienced, the mountain is open to you and all the routes of your dreams are accessible.

Natural bouldering in the Hautes-Alpes to France’s most beautiful France : Massif des Écrins, Mont Blanc, Mont Rose, Vercors, Calanques. And abroad Italy, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Argentina, Nepal… the world!

From age 6
Climbing and Bouldering
1/2 day
From age 15
Multipitch and cliff climbing
France, Italy, the whole world...
1 day or more

Among the most beautiful summits we offer:

Ecrins Massif:  Crossing the Meije,  Crossing the Pelvous,  Crossing the Olan
Mont-Blanc:  Grépons Mer de Glace, La Verte, The Aiguilles du Diable, Aiguille de la République
Monte Rosa: Crossing the Montes Rosa, Lyskamm, Duffourspitze, Castor and Pollux

Do you dream of a particular summit? Just ask…

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grande voie calanques