Multi pitch Climbing Days

Multi pitch Climbing Days

Journées grandes voies

Already climbing 5B? We’ll take you up several hundred metres of multi-pitch.

We also offer long-distance and rock-climbing courses throughout France and all over the world.


From 200 to 800 euros, divided by 2 or alone if the race allows only one rope companion. (possibility of doing long-distance routes on your own: contact us)

Prices for major routes vary according to the technical level, logistics required and height of the project.


By the day or half-day. Sometimes even at the end of the day for milder temperatures.

For whom?

During a telephone or face-to-face meeting, we’ll work together to determine a suitable project. Depending on your level, experience and expectations.

Where to climb?

In the Écrins, the Mont Blanc massif, the Verdon, the Calanques… and planet Earth!!!!

Informations pratiques

From €100 per day

1 person minimum

From age 15

Next climbing courses in 2023

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