Practice Rafting in the Hautes-Alpes

Four exceptional sites!


From Guibertes

AGE ≥ 6
2 h
5 km
AGE ≥ 16
3 h
9 km
AGE ≥ 16
6 h
19 km

As A Couple, With Friends, With Family Or Group, Practice Rafting In A Fun And Friendly Way

Our team offers 4 exceptional rafting courses and therefore 4 different levels:

  • Level 1 Green accessible from 6 years, half a daylong
  • Level 2 Blue accessible from 6 years, half-day long
  • Level 3 Red accessible from 16 years old, half-day long
  • Level 4 Black accessible from 16 years, all day long

You will be accompanied by a certified rafting instructor on one of our courses close to Briançon and Serre Chevalier. Security is essential so we leave nothing to chance. You will be equipped with a neoprene wetsuit, a helmet and a lifejacket, it will remain only to embark on the adventure.

Allowing you to discover rafting in the best conditions is our priority. You will learn how to navigate an inflatable boat during a whitewater rafting. A fun and sensual sports activity. “

Discover the river “La Guisane” during your rafting descent: A tributary of the Durance, La Guisane is a river that has its source at the Lautaret pass. With a length of 27.7 km, La Guisane is fed by the waters coming from the glacier of Casset and Monêtier. It is during the months of May to August that La Guisane offers the largest flow, as well as it is the ideal time to practice rafting in Hautes-Alpes. The turquoise and clear waters of this river associated with the wild and preserved nature of Briançon’s surroundings will ensure a change of scenery.

What Exactly Is Rafting?

Rafting is a complete sport, practiced in an inflatable boat called raft. The raft is an inflatable boat specially designed for rafting, it is unsinkable and very stable.

Ideal for discovering white water activities, rafting is a real team sport. You will board up to 8 people + the guide on solid inflatable boats, equipped with a complete equipment perfectly suited to the weather (wetsuit and neoprene jacket, neoprene booties, vest, helmet and paddle).

Led by qualified professional guides with perfect knowledge of the natural environment, these stable and unsinkable boats will take you across the river rapids of the Serre Chevalier valley, from 6 years old with family, friends, alone or in groups.

Sensation for Everybody !

Try the adventure, dive in the heart of nature and enjoy the rapids more or less tumultuous rafting of the Guisane or the Durance.

You will discover the wild and still preserved landscapes of the Hith-Alps as well as the clear and limpid waters of Briançon and its region.

“Having fun and experiencing extraordinary sensations is the goal of this activity in white water. “

Selection of the best Canyoning courses

Discover the ideal playground for Watersports in Briançon in the High-Alps. In the south-east of France, located between the Ecrins mountains and Italy, the Serre Chevalier Sensation team welcomes you in an ideal setting for rafting.

A geographical situation and climatic conditions that make Briançon the capital of rafting in the High-Alps

The geographical situation of Briançon and Serre Chevalier is ideal, sunny for more than 300 days a year.

How Is The Rafting With Serre Chevalier Sensation Outing?

For all rafting activities that we offer we are calling on a trusted supplier with whom we have been working in partnership for several years. It is therefore with a qualified instructor and specialized in rafting as a team that you will practice this activity.

Do not forget :

  • your sports shoes
  • a swimsuit
  • a towel
  • a spare
  • a second pair of socks
  • Bottle of water, a small snack for the small hollow

Our Commitments On Rafting

The Serre Chevalier Sensation team limits the number of participants to each rafting out so that everyone can fully enjoy this outdoor activity in the High-Alps. The equipment provided is in perfect condition for both your safety and your comfort.

The rafting courses that we offer in Briançon are the wildest, the most beautiful in the Hautes-Alpes region and the least frequented. With different levels of difficulty, you will inevitably find the course adapted to your desires and your physical condition.

To make the most of your rafting trip to Briançon, we call on our partner with whom we have been working for a few years now. The instructors are qualified and specially trained to supervise this kind of activity. State graduates in rafting, they will accompany you safely in the different rivers in the Briançon region.

The little extras of Serre Chevalier Sensation :

  • The courses we offer are longer than our competitors. Our rafting descents inBriançonstart higher to finish lower
  • Upon arrival refreshment and a small snack will await you at the end of the rafting
  • A shuttle will drop you off the rafting descent and you will recover once the activity is over
  • Cloakrooms and showers are at your disposal to change you in peace,
  • From equipment todesequippingand descent, the shuttle driver will perform a series of shots. A photo report of all of your rafting out at Serre Chevalier for only € 20/ group

The History Of Rafting

Rafting as a commercial sporting activity was born on the Colorado River in the United States in the 1950s. Tours were offered to tourists and the practice of this activity has continued to expand since. We can now go rafting on all continents. It was not until the 80s and Aquadesign brand that rafting is democratized in France. It is now possible to practice rafting on all French rivers. A free ride, an adventure without big risks to explore the world of rivers.