Canyoning in the High-Alps

4 amazing sites to practice canyoning around Brianço

If we practice canyoning at Briançon, it’s because nature offers us many torrents but also themost beautiful French canyons.

The canyon of Fournel, Acles or Caprie in Italy are the spots where we will guide you to discover the canyoning in a safe and fun way.

The best canyons in the High-Alps region are around Br

iançon, so why deprive yourself of the thrills offered by these exceptional sites ?

Doing canyoning when the weather is nice is even better. With 300 days of good weather a year, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy a beautiful sunny canyoning day.

This is one more reason to practice canyoning at Serre Chevalier.

Swim, jump, slide on natural slides and abseil down to land in turquoise water safely: this is what we offer you.

« Practice canyoning on a mountainous and wild territory, clear, pure water, with a lively force, an exceptional climate, this mixture skillfully or chestrated by nature makes Briançon the paradise of the canyon. »


AGE > 12

180 min


AGE > 8

180 min