4 amazing sites to practice Canyoning in the High-Alpes Briançon

FOUR Exceptional Sites!


AGE > 12
180 min
AGE > 14
200 min
AGE > 14
360 min

As A Couple, With Friends, With Family Or Group, Practice Canyoning In A Fun And Friendly Way

Our team has specially selected the 4 most beautiful canyoning routes in the High-Alps. 4 exceptional routes is also 4 different levels:

  • Green accessible from 6 years
    Children from 6 years old or adults who have never practiced canyoning before will discover their first thrills in the aquatic environment with green courses.
  • Blue accessible from 8 years
    The blue canyoning courses will delight children from 8 years old and able to swim independently but also adults thanks to its beautiful waterfalls and natural pools.
  • Red accessible from 12 years
    The red descents are reserved for those who wish to progress and improve their canyoning practice. Children from 12 years old who have completed the initiation level and adults can come and have a good time on a breath-taking descent.
  • Black accessible from 14 years
    For the more experienced, we offer black runs accessible from 14 years old practiced on the Italian border in a large canyon.

Then, everyone can indulge in the practice or discovery of canyoning safely and according to his physical possibilities.

The conditions for a pleasant outing

Each canyoning trip takes place in a small group of 4 people minimum, we think it’s the best way to create a good atmosphere and friendliness! “The participants are gathered around the same one desire : have fun and experience extraordinary sensations. “

Canyoning when the weather is nice is even better. With 300 days of good weather per year, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy a beautiful sunny canyoning day. This is one more reason to practice canyoning in the High-Alpes.

The best canyons in the Hautes-Alpes region are around Briançon, so why deprive yourself of the thrills offered by these exceptional sites.

What is exactly canyoning ?

This outdoor activity is a mix of hiking, climbing and white water sports. The principle is simple, you have to progress in the bed of a stream whose flow varies according to the difficulty of the course, the narrow gorges or the cascades of different heights. It is an outdoor sport whose progression is done by walking, swimming but also by using techniques of progression on rope, like rappelling down. Canyoning is a discipline in itself that requires a very good experience of the environment as well as various knowledge and skills.

Sensation for Everybody !

From 6 to 77 years old,

Family, Friends, couple / sportif or beginner

Swim, jump, slide on natural slides and abseil down to land in turquoise water safely: this is what we offer you.

Selection of the best Canyoning courses

If we practice canyoning at Briançon, it’s because nature offers us many torrents but also the most beautiful French canyons.

The canyon of Fournel, Acles or Caprie in Italy are the spots where we will guide you to discover the canyoning in a safe and fun way.


Qualified instructors

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Special canyoning shoes

no more slips!

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Inforgettable memories

How Is The Canyoning outing With Serre Chevalier Sensation?

The entire team awaits you for a unique canyoning experience in High-Alps. You will be guided by a qualified instructor on one of our canyoning routes in Briançon. Equipped with a neoprene wetsuit, a helmet and a harness, it will only be necessary to embark on the adventure. Do not forget:

  • your sports shoes
  • a swimsuit
  • a towel
  • a spare
  • a bottle of water and a small snack once the canyon is over

Our Commitments On Canyoning

The team limits the number of participants to each canyoning outing so that everyone can enjoy. The equipment provided is in excellent condition for both your safety comfort. The canyoning courses that we offer in Briançon are the wildest and most beautiful in the High-Alps region. With different levels of difficulty, you will inevitably find the course adapted to your desires and your physical condition. To make the most of your canyoning trip to Briançon, we select the most qualified instructors to supervise you. State graduated in canyoning, they will accompany you safely in the various canyons in the Briançon region.

“Practice canyoning in a mountainous and wild territory, clear, pure water, with a living force, an exceptional climate, this mix skilfully orchestrated by nature makes Briançon the paradise of the canyon”

Julien, your canyoning instructor.

The history of canyoning

For anglers and speleologists

From a long time and on all inhabited continents, reckless fishermen have ventured into many underground rivers, caves and narrow gorges. At this time when canyoning was not yet born, fishermen explored new cavities to catch something to eat and survive.

Other more inaccessible sites had speleologists as their first visitors. Among these pioneers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Édouard-Alfred Martel, Armand Jamet and Lucien Briet are the most famous.

A brave exploration

Exploring canyons more than a century ago was not easy. On top of that, the precarious material, history and mythology did nothing to help. Many legends have continued creating a fear and a certain apprehension of these mysterious environments. Explorers who had the courage to venture into the meanders of rivers can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The evolution of equipment

On the equipment side, forget the shoulder belts, the descenders, the blockers or other essential equipment today for the practice of canyoning. The equipment was simply a rope and a wooden board. These once assembled elements gave birth to a rudimentary swing, allowing adventurers an incursion into the world of canyons. It was not until the 1980s that this activity became democratic and became an outdoor sport more widely practiced and more or less accessible to the general public.