Serre.Che Sensation

Certified guides and instructors

Objective: fun and safety!

Sensations for everybody

Many activities, for beginners as for perfs

Unforgettable memories

We take you to discover the region of Briançon, and also the most beautiful peaks in France and in the world!

This outdoor activity is a mix between hiking, climbing and white water sports.

This thrilling team sport is practiced in an inflatable, unsinkable and very stable boat.

Halfway between climbing and hiking, the Via Ferrata will make you enjoy a breathtaking view.

Climbing for everyone, from natural boulders for beginners to multi-pitch routes in France or abroad.

Cross the most beautiful peaks of the Ecrins, the Alps and the world!

Discover the fauna and flora of the mountains and take your first steps on the glaciers.


Canyon des Oules de Freissinères

Du nouveau pour cet été : le canyon des OULES

Le canyon des Oules de Freissinières est un canyon très connu dans toute la France. Il est considéré comme l’un des plus beaux à ce jour. Le canyon de la Maglia ayant été ravagé par ces malheureuses tempêtes du Sud est français, c’est peut-être LE plus beau ! Et ça tombe bien car c’est juste à deux pas de notre base d’accueil…. pour les curieux en bas de page : une vidéo des meilleurs moments… Le canyon des Oules : un petit bijou Cette descente est juste l’une des plus incroyables que j’ai réalisé dans ma petite carrière de

Enfants en rafting près de Briançon

Rafting enfant à Briançon

Vous venez pour un week-end férié ou des vacances dans les Hautes Alpes et vous vous demandez comment profiter en famille? Le rafting enfant à Briançon : c’est possible ! Un rafting enfant à Briançon où tout le monde s’amuse Nous allons vous faire découvrir une descente dans laquelle chacun va trouver joie et sensations. La descente de la Guisane. Au départ des Guibertes et jusqu’à Chantemerle. Vous allez découvrir le village de La Salle comme vous ne l’avez jamais vu ! C’est un parcours initiatique donc accessible aux enfants. Cette descente est le meilleur moyen de découvrir la vallée.

Courses accessible to everybody

At Serre Chevalier Sensation, we believe that mountains shouldn’t be reserved to an elite and that mountain activities’ benefits don’t demand specific physical conditions

To enable everybody to take part in canyoning, rafting and via ferrata activites, we divided the sessions in 4 difficulty levels :

  • Level 1 : I would like to discover the activity softly, half-day, or I am going with a 6 years-old child
  • Level 2 : I would like to initiate to the activity half-day
  • Level 3 : I want something dynamic and that moves, something really sporty half-day
  • Level 4 : I am looking for thrills, I want to surpass myself and perfectionate, a day long

Exceptional landscapes

Briançon, the ideal setting for exceptional Canyoning, Rafting and Via Ferrata outings.

Located in High-Alps, surrounded by the famous Parc national des Ecrins and the Queyras national regional park, Briançon is a city that benefits from 300 days of sun a year, and where it is good to live

It’s a small city from the PACA region, perched at 1326m of altitude, only 15 kilometres away from the Italian border. It has many waterways that hurtle down the Prorel summit, the Clausas ravine and the Couillarde ravine. More, the proximity with Italy makes it a perfect spot to enjoy and practice canyoning, rafting and via ferrata in the High-Alps.

During summer, nature is verdurous with gentle and enjoyable temperatures. During winter, the landscape is completely different, usually covered with snow. We offer you the life-size adventure, 100% safe and friendly.

For climbers, we also take you on multi-pitch and cliff courses throughout France: Hautes-Alpes, Vercors, Chamonix, Calanques, Verdon and Corsica!

But also in Spain, in the Dolomites, Jordan, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Argentina… in reality: all over the world!

A fun and available team

When you come to Serre Chevalier Sensation, you will not find a large structure that looks like a tourist factory. Our company wants to be on a human scale, entirely composed of independent guides, all state graduates and perfectly trained in the supervision of outdoor sports activities in the Hautes Alpes.

We make it a point of honor to always be available, to listen to you, all associated with unparalleled professionalism and friendliness.

2 entities to get the curious talking

Benjamin Brochard, guide de haute montagne

Benjamin Brochard, High Mountain Guide

Serre-Chevalier Sensation is a first step. Canyon, Climbing and Via Ferrata are the first diplomas I obtained in 2004. First established in the Mercantour, I came to settle in the Hautes-Alpes in 2007 with the project of becoming a High Mountain Guide. For this I am developing my knowledge by passing a first diploma in tracker-rescuer artificer then the complete training of High Mountain Guide.
Guide graduated in 2015, I can now offer all disciplines from mountaineering to waterfalls ice, cross-country and off-piste skiing.

Under the sun, from the air to the earth and in all the magic of water, it is in all coherence that Elements is born. Elements are climbing trips, mountain stays and finally all these passions that today I want to teach, transmit and share.

In short: my office is outside and every day is a new journey with you!

Yann, High mountain guide

I grew up in the middle of the Hautes-Alpes mountains, from there was born the passion for the nature that surrounds me.

Then studies that destined me for a life in the office but I miss the outdoors. I then take another path: that of the mountain. Not bad when traveling, not bad here in my mountains, and from a way of life to a job there is only one step. I crossed it by becoming a high mountain guide and ski instructor.

On skis in winter and on the cliffs, on foot in summer, there is always a good excuse to experience the surrounding nature and above all to share it. Because the mountain is beautiful, but the relationships we weave there make it even more beautiful. I like being there and working with my friends in a good mood, so I look forward to living a great adventure with you.

Yann Estienne, Guide de haute montagne

Louis, Canyoning instructor

When I was young, my holidays were punctuated by walks in the rocks, jumping, sliding in the water, swimming, basking in the sun…

Then comes climbing, then I discovered the mountains while living in Chamonix for 10 years. Dreaming of a little rope in my job, I first passed my diploma in rope access and then the DE canyon. To live my first experience in teaching I settled in the meeting. This island was very formative for me, in every sense of the word!

Today, it is here, in the Hautes-Alpes, that I take you with great pleasure. Sharing this nature, this setting, your emotions and your values ​​are for me the richest profession and lessons.